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Real Estate Personal Shopper

In Home Engineering

We represent the buyer, the investor, and we manage your relocation in Catalonia.

I am ilona, a private real estate agent with a team of professionals in various areas. We work on request defending only the interests of our clients. How do we help you?

We identify your needs to improve your situation:

  • Invest in buying a home to live in it or to obtain the best profitability.
  • Rent with the contract model that best suits you.
  • Identification of hidden defects in a property.
  • Savings of between 5% and 20% of the purchase of a property.
  • Golden Visa procedure: residence permit, work permit, and you can bring your family.

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What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

It is a personal advisor dedicated exclusively to the client, with the mission of finding the home or real estate property that you need to:

  • Invest
  • Buy
  • Rent in rural areas in Catalonia

I&S takes care of the global process focused only on customer satisfaction

  • Relocation procedures.
  • Transfers.
  • Translators.
  • Golden Visa.

The figure of the real estate Personal Shopper is a figure of a professional who advises you and always watches over your interests, and never those of the seller.

In home engineering services

Our work is focused on your needs

I&S calculates, measures and implements the necessary elements for the estimated savings desired by the client.

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Shall we arrange a visit?

Buying a property or land with the help of a personal consultant with V.I.P. treatment is what you need to get results, without leaving home.

Get to know us

The team that makes I&S possible

We are ilona and Santiago, along with a technical team. We are two senior professionals who come from two different and complementary industries. Hotel management and the engineering industry. Once the client has bought the house, we offer advice to hire a maintenance service at home and outdoors. An advisory service for refurbishments and design the interiors and the outdoor spaces. Technical team: designers, lawyers, notaries, and specialist engineers.

Santi and Ilona